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1 in. Bronze EB-25 Double Union Push-to-Connect Pressure Regulating Valve

1 in. Bronze EB-25 Double Union Push-to-Connect Pressure Regulating Valve

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The Cash Acme SharkBite SoloSet EB-25 brings state-of-the-art water control technology to pressure regulators.?SoloSet has a convenient orange pressure adjustment twist-cap, and numerical indicator which makes installation a quick, one-man job. The unique design also eliminates the water whistle or hum associated with most PRVs, due to innovative micro-fingers that dissipate noise as water flows across the seat. And thanks to a patented single-cartridge design, SoloSet has fewer parts for increased reliability, and it can be serviced without having to remove the valve body.?While pressure reduction is an everyday need - necessary to protect appliances and plumbing fixtures - advanced water control technology from Cash Acme makes it possible for SoloSet to provide unique new benefits to this common application. The biggest breakthrough is the simple numerical indicator that allows the exact desired pressure to be set even before the valve is installed. A job that previously required two men and a tedious, imprecise adjustment screw process can now be achieved quickly and efficiently by only one worker. And once installed, patented design features mean SoloSet offers improved reliability and easier access for maintenance.

Instant push-fit connection for increased ease of use: no soldering, glue, or tools required
Convenient orange twist-cap eliminates need for wrench adjustment, numerical indicator shows the pressure without the need for a gauge: 1 person can install, saving money and time
Single piece cartridge can be removed with valve body remaining in place: you can service all the parts from 1 place, quicker and easier
Integral back-pass check with the cartridge: no add-on or small parts, longer life and more reliable performance
Cutting edge design and production incorporates micro-fingers that dissipate noise due to water flow across the seat - meets the latest stringent international standards, quieter installation
Available with a blanking cap for rough-in installations: no more dummy valve necessary
Optional closing cap for direct burial applications: protects the cartridge from external elements

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